Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Polite Society Requires a Welcome and Introduction


This is my first foray into the art of the modern blog, and I must admit that my excitement is liberally seasoned with trepidation.  Creating something out of nothing is tough, and I admire those who do so and make it look easy.  My plan is to use this blog to relate my experiences and observations on the multi-faceted odyssey of fatherhood.  I will be the primary writer for this blog, so here is a brief introduction.

Here are my daddy credentials.

At the time of this posting I am the father of an eight-year-old girl and a ten-month-old boy.  I have been married for eight years to an amazing woman.  We are both South Dakota expatriates living in the sprawling (to us) metropolis of Omaha, Nebraska. My wife posts her own chronicle of our life at Obsessions of the Trophy Wife.   For myself, I am an avid appreciator of music and fiction, an honest fisherman, and an incorrigible teller of tales.  My daughter is a burgeoning drama queen with a heart of purest gold.  My son is a firecracker, a jester with the soul of an explorer.

An internal voice is shouting that I have nothing to contribute to the unfathomable ocean of blogs available to the internet surfer.


I suppose I knew that when I started typing this post, and it didn’t stop me then. There are stories just waiting to be told.  These stories are worth telling. I’ll submit my own and pass along others worth sharing.  As for their readability, I’ll let you be the judge.

So here we are the reader and the writer, together embarking on what will hopefully be an exciting and enlightening journey.  I would love for this to become interactive.  I like hearing the questions of other parents and I’ll certainly have some of my own, so feel free to make good use of the options for feedback.  Otherwise the only feedback will come from my wife.  However, once I give her a detailed explanation of how to comment, my mom will make her voice heard as well.

Hopefully we’ll all have some laughs along the way.


  1. Congratulations! Welcome to the addicting world of bloggers. I love how you describe our children and I am truly blessed to be your wife. SHMILY

  2. Can't wait to get to hear both sides of the same story! I'm sure your lovely wife will have much to add. :)

  3. welcome to the world of bloggers, my friend. i want to see a top 10 soon.

  4. Actually... The top 10 will most likely come from another blog. The Raconteur Daddy will remain focused on family life and parenthood. But in the coming weeks I plan to launch "Slick Aesthetics", a lifestyle/music/literature blog.

  5. I liked the prose. I did not notice much fantasy...well, maybe the fisherman thing? I know you like to fish, I am just not sure any true fisherman can live up to the descriptive adjective you used....
    <3 Neener.....

  6. what? this is been up for two days already and only one post? hurry it up!

  7. I think right now I'm going to try for two posts a week. I've already got the next one scheduled to come out tomorrow night at 6 PM. If I overproduce and get too many articles on the shelf, I'll go to 3x a week, but I'm more worried about not being able to keep up with the twice-a-week posts.