Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Obligatory Super Bowl Post

Like most Daddys in America, I watched Sunday's big game.  I'll let the sports bloggers give in-depth discussion and opinions on that.  Here is the run-down from my point of view.

Christina Aguilara's remix of the our national anthem went over like a fart in an elevator.
The Packers won by capitalizing off of turnovers.
Aaron Rodgers emerged from Favre's shadow, proving himself to be as good as Bret ever was, probably better.
But the big winner of the night was Axl Rose, who's come-from behind victory of the Guns n' Roses breakup happened about halfway through a spectacularly horrendous halftime show.

My wife has never been a fan of the Super Bowl.  Her birthday falls on January 30 so she has always felt an animosity toward an event that overshadowed her special day throughout her childhood.  While in previous years I would always be working during the game, this year was the first that the game was shown in our household.  Luckily the NFL expanded the postseason in 2002, so my wife could expect her birthday to receive the attention it deserves, though it rarely does.

Looking toward the future, I would like the Super Bowl to become an event at our home. My daughter has a pretty good history of enjoying "masculine" activities with daddy.  She likes watching hockey games and can always be counted on to go fishing.  I'm not sure I can get her interested in football, but it's worth a shot.  Going by my son's personality right now, I expect him to be both an athlete and a fan, but who knows?  All I know is I have some hot wing recipes and I want to try them out.

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  1. PACKERS! I loved the game, as you would expect. Great, hard-fought game that my team won. And totally agreed on Axl -- in the last 5 years, Axl has one great album, and Slash was an accessory in the murder of "Sweet Child O Mine".