Friday, April 8, 2011

Baby Amber Teething Review

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I hope you have all become visitors to my wife's blog as well.  But for those of you who haven't checked it out yet, right now would be a great time to do so.  She is currently reviewing the product and service from and has arranged with them to give away some free amber for one of her lucky readers.  The review and rules for the giveaway are available here.  I've decided to offer my opinion on Baby Amber Teething because I have had my own experiences with their product and service.  

The Trophy Wife and I have both had some experience using natural remedies.  I was introduced to the idea of natural/alternative medicine around the age of twelve.  While my experiences never shook my faith in "Western" medicine, I am open to the idea of alleviating minor aches and injuries with simple, natural treatments.  After all, if you trace the treatment of any ailment back more than a hundred or so years, you will generally find a natural treatment that was effective enough to be commonly used.  Amber has been purported to have healing properties since the time of Hippocrates.  It is specifically marketed as a teething aid and has been used as such since prior to World War II.  It is worn as jewelry and the heat of the skin releases Succinic acid which is absorbed through the skin to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation.  It is not supposed to be put in the mouth or used internally.

I have read several product reviews online, and I find that these reviews are largely lacking information in one major area: customer service.  In my experience the level of customer service provided by a company is a make-or-break variable in whether or not I choose to use their product.  I did not initiate contact with Baby Amber Teething, my wife contacted them in her blog promotion process.  Baby Amber Teething was prompt to reply, with an actual human-written e-mail.  We've contacted them a handful of times over the course of our dealings, and they have always been prompt with information and a pleasure to deal with.  These people are appreciative of their customers and are strong advocates of their product.

Baby Amber Teething is located in Lithuania, as much of the world's amber is found on the coast of the Baltic Sea.  Considering the delays and expense of international shipping, I found their $5 flat rate to be very reasonable.  The shipping was quick as well, but delays in that area are unpredictable and rarely the fault of the manufacturer.  Our product arrived sixteen days after we made our selections, which I found to be acceptable.

We ordered the following items: A baby necklace and a small adult necklace, then later an adult bracelet and a larger and more decorated adult necklace.  Everything came with a small hemp bag to store the jewelry and a few extra amber beads.  The jewelry was well constructed and very nice looking.  It looked exactly like what we were expecting from the pictures on the website, and we were happy to see that Baby Amber Teething accurately represented their product in their marketing.

The Princess loves all jewelry of any kind.  So she was thrilled when she was given the small adult necklace.  She doesn't have any ailments so for her the amber is purely an aesthetic decoration.  The Trophy Wife started with wearing the small necklace and then switched to the larger and more extravagant necklace when it arrived.  She was complaining of a sore neck and shoulders before she began wearing the amber, but she claims the aches were alleviated when she began wearing the jewelry.  However, she stopped wearing the jewelry when she discovered that the shoulder and neck aches were distracting her from the powerful morning sickness that she was experiencing.  She loves the design and looks great in the necklace (see the pic on her blog) so I guarantee that it will see frequent rotation in her wide array of adornments.

The Chunky Monkey took to his necklace right away.  He was able to wear it all day and never tried to tug it off or put it in his mouth.  I would have to say that the necklace did a good job of alleviating his teething irritation.  He did not seem as owly or impatient on the days that he wore it.  We did leave it off of him occasionally (more because we forgot to put it on him in the morning) and those were the days that he seemed crankier and more sensitive in his mouth area.  I also love the way he looks in it.  With his curly blonde hair and mischievous smirk I think it makes him look like a baby version of Patrick Swayze from Point Break.

I have been suffering from De Quervain's tenosynovitis since August of last year.  I began wearing the adult bracelet to see if it would alleviate some of the pain in my thumb and wrist.  The bracelet we received does not have a clasp, it used a flexible wire that retained its shape.  It was made up of 130 or so tiny amber beads.  I have pretty big wrists, so I was worried that it might not fit me well.  I was pleasantly surprised that it fit me quite well.  If I had to do it again I would have chosen a style of bracelet that used the larger round or oval beads, as my arm hair would occasionally get caught between the tiny beads.  It wasn't really painful, but it was annoying and it threw off my plan to wear it while sleeping.

So here's the big question: Did it work?  I'm going to say yes.  The pain in my thumb and wrist wasn't as sharp or ongoing when I was wearing the bracelet.  As I said before, Chunky Monkey seemed to feel some relief from his teething woes when he wore his amber as well.  I understand that there is a chance that my relief and my sense of relief in C.M. could be due more to the placebo effect than any real result of wearing the jewelry, but there is value in that as well.  When it comes to minor aches and pains, thinking you feel better is the most important part.

I would give this company and their product my wholehearted recommendation.  They were a pleasure to work with throughout the ordering process, and had the expertise to quickly answer any questions.  Their jewelry looks great and is very competitively priced.  As far as I can tell their product fulfills all of the claims they make as to amber's healing properties.  If you have a teething baby or are looking for some great amber jewelry, you should definitely check out

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