Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You Can't Contain It

Chunky Monkey has been expanding his mobility for nearly six months.  Like many babies, he started out by exploring the horizontal axis.  In a matter of weeks, he had thoroughly reconnoitered the living room area, and was interested in expanding down the hall and into the dining room.  Chiefly due to his propensity to identify objects through ingestion, we decided to limit his movement to just those areas where he can be easily seen and intercepted should he attempt  to eat anything more harmful than the occasional clump of dog fur.

From the beginning we knew that he considered the situation untenable.

Thankfully, he was powerless to change it, until he made a shocking discovery.

Using his powers of standing and his increased arm and leg strength, he can surmount the obstacles put in his path by his nemeses.

The photos that follow were not doctored in any way.

He never said as much, but I could see in his eyes the contempt he held for the ottoman/laundry basket barricade.  Congratulations on obtaining the daddy chair, son.  You've earned it.

Until next time.

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  1. Oh my! This reminds me of pictures I took of my daughter when she was about that age. You always hear "this is such a fun age" I always say that only continues to get better from here.